So We Won a Weird Poll

Roxborough is the center of the universe! Assuming the Philadelphia area is the universe, which of course we do. Always been parochial. Let’s face it, outside of this area, you can’t get the rolls. That’s probably why Pope Francis is coming.

It’s a weird set of contestants in this Neighborhood Bracket, but a win is a win, right? In Billy Penn/Fox29 voting, we beat out numerous fine Philadelphia neighborhoods as well as sketchy suburbs. Check it out.


Look what came across Kay’s Facebook page out of the blue. (Kay Sykora is the NCK Team civic liasion.) A 2012 video by Sarah Shaak, Roxborough Preservation, has sad music and pictures of doomed Roxborough houses. (We consider all of them doomed, the way things have been going since then.)  The video Addison Geary made of our walkaround is also sad, because it is too late for the blocks we were walking. Even without the great song by Sia.