Yesterday we trained the five interns who will help with the photography survey of the Roxborough neighborhoods seeking protection from out-of-context development. Here they are with their cameras and surveyor wheels from Stanley’s Hardware: the Next Gen and the Next Next Gen (Will, 15 months). Urban planning and coding should look ahead 30, 40, 50 years so Will, this code’s for you.


Here’s the street map color-coded for each surveyor. This area is just part of one of Roxborough’s civic associations, Ridge Park, who are working with the Neighborhood Conservation Kit team.


Our surveyors are all from zip code 19128, and there’s no better way to get to know the form of your neighborhood than to document it on the ground. The City of Philadelphia requires any Neighborhood Conservation Overlay to include a photograph of every building in the regulated area, so that’s a lot of documenting.

If you see any of this gang out there photographing, tell them what kind of development you want to protect and encourage on your block. And contact the Central Roxborough Civic Association for more information.


  1. Great photo of the surveyors on the job! At my college, engineering students were always practicing their surveying skills in open spaces around campus. I loved watching them work with the little wheels and tripods. Looks like your team is ready to get to work!


    1. Thanks Veronica. They have been intrepid, carrying on when property owners yell at them and call them socialists! (Zoning, you know, an instrument of demonic Agenda 21.) Actually, most people are very accommodating or at least tolerant, and there are some who are vocally supportive when they hear what the effort is about. There aren’t too many longtime residents who are happy about the new pave-it-all development.


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